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Aug 4, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in some difficulties, in some trouble. it's not all his relationship with obama. it's his sense of who america is, and it's his 50-year-old resentment for what america has been. so i think we're in a rough time, and my own sense is if you make america stronger, you will make it stronger in the world and people will be less eager to snub you in colorful ways. >> schieffer: but, you know, david this is almost like-- it's kind of following a kind of high school scenario here. here you have putin sort of-- sort of taking on the role of hugo chavez. i mean, nobody thought venezuela posed any kind of threat to the united states, but shavedz apparently thought he could really make his place in the world by poking his finger in the eye of the giant. and it seems like russia which doesn't have much going now except oil revenues, and of course they do have nuclear weapons -- i don't think anybody thinkers that going to use those. but just sort of picking-- like a picador at a bulled fight or something. >> i think that's exactly right, bob. this is half high school, half cold war playbook and thi
Aug 4, 2013 8:30am PDT
. he said the united states ought to not only should president obama not meet with russian president putin but should talk to our allies about moving that whole international economic conference to another country now that russia has decided to give political asylum to edward snowden. what's your reaction to that? >> well, you know, for once bob, i agree with chuck schumer on that. i think president putin thinks he can get away with pushing around this administration because the administration has given sort appeasement feelings that they can do this. the reset policy has been an utter failure. this is a stab in the back. this is a slap in the face. and i actually agree with senator schumer, that has to come with consequences, and i think the administration should proceed just like we just now discussed. >> schieffer: all right. congressman, you said a couple of weeks ago that you thought the n.s.a. surveillance program was creepy when the news first broke about the collection of phone numbers that they were putting together, and you said it went way beyond the scope, as you understo
Aug 11, 2013 8:30am PDT
commentary. he pointed out when he was senator obama and wasn't quite fully knowledgeable about these programs he was opposed to them and only when becoming president obama and saw what was going on became a very forceful advocate for them. >> schieffer: the president was asked-- says now that you're saying we need to shine some more light on this, now we need more transparency, he said he was-- he was asked, "does this mean now nathat edward snowden was a whistleblower? do you have a different idea?" and he said, "well, he's not a patriot." what do you think of edward snowden? did he do us all a service here by bringing this forward? >> i'll offer two comment. i've actually thought about this. clearly the debate was coming. he accelerated it. he didn't inform it. he made it more emotional. there are some real downside to what he's done. i'll give you an example. you and i witnessed katrina. the levees around lake ponch train are the strongest they've been in a century but katrina was still a bad thing and that's how i view mr. snowden. as regard to how to categorize him-- we us
Aug 18, 2013 8:30am PDT
obama's white house memoir." scott wilson wrote in the "washington post" "candidate obama promised to implement a foreign policy different in both tone and substance from that of his predecessor. a policy based on openness, the rule of law and the promotion of democratic values, especially the middle east. but since coming to office, he has found a new appreciation for the need for secrecy, the controversial drone program which critics call illegal and the difficulty of closing the prison at guantanamo. when egypt's generals toppled the country's first elected president, the united states didn't do much, probably because there was not much we could do. so much for promoting democratic values. the president is learning what those before him have learned: things that seem easily done in a campaign can be more complicated and difficult when the campaign is over. i've covered eight presidents. not one of them ever told me the job was easier than he thought it would be. the more i think of it, maybe it sure looks different from the inside is the perfect title for any presidential memoir
Aug 18, 2013 10:30am EDT
that i know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody. i know somebody who knows president obama, president obama knows so-and-so. you are four people away from any human on the earth. four. god can get you anywhere he wants you in a day. in a day. the difference between seasons is one person. do you know myles munroe? >> ossie: yes, sir. >> he and i travel a lot together to preach, and we were on our way to... ghana. so we're in england, we're at the airport and everybody's getting on the plane. he and i are the last ones. we start to get in, go on, and a man comes through the turnstiles and he says, "you know who that is?" and i said, "no." he said that's the number three soccer player in the world." i don't follow soccer, so i said, "wow." and... "'kay." and he walks over, and he hugs myles, and myles said, "i want you to meet mike murdock." and he said, "oh, i know mike murdock." he said, "i've got your books." he said, "hold on, i'll be right back." he rushes out, comes back in, everybody's on the plane. me and myles are standing, waiting to get on the plane. and he comes ou
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)